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“Our only goal is to help children and adults fulfill their potential.”
–Dr. Risa Tabacoff, founder & director, DAIC

Testing and Therapy


Our Mission....What We Do....How We Do It

Our mission is to help parents, educators, and other specialists better understand a child’s special needs through psychoeducational testing, and to develop his or her unique Learning Profile. DAIC uses psycho-educational testing to identify a child’s learning weaknesses and strengths and helps implement useful strategies for improved performance. Our aim is to identify children with special needs and help parents/guardians implement useful remedies. These children are at risk of experiencing academic failure as well as emotional and/or physical distress due to misidentification or misunderstanding of their particular issues. To ease the burden on parents, DAIC also offers oversight of the child’s remediation until it is well underway. This ‘case management service’ (“The DAIC Approach”, detailed below) is a unique feature DAIC provides to help ensure the child’s future success.

We address specific disorders, areas of concern and giftedness that impact academic, social and emotional development using psychoeducational
and neuropsychological
Learning Disabilities • Anxiety Disorders Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
Communication Difficulties • Pervasive Developmental Disorder • Behavior Problems Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s & PDD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder
and a host of other issues.
DAIC also offers:
Individual, Family and Group Therapy
Corrective Strategies that work.
guided by caring, expert, child specialists.
Ages 3 and up…

The DAIC Approach: A Guided Tour

At DAIC our long experience with evaluating children has given us a unique insight into what procedures and protocols result in the best, most informed and accurate learning profile for any given child. Below is a step-by-step explanation of our tried and true methodology. Please let us know if you have any questions.  


The Initial Contact: A Relationship Begins
Usually starts with a phone call, email or website inquiry.


From the initial contact we convey to parents that we are here to help. We understand it can be an intimidating and confusing process for parents considering having their child evaluated. We explain the overall testing procedure and answer any questions. We then schedule an in-person meeting and provide a list of materials to bring.


The First Appointment: Information Gathering
The first meeting consists of a background interview with parents in order to understand the concerns and issues regarding the child.


When parents reach out for guidance because their child is struggling, time is of the essence; each day a child’s needs are not met his or her confidence may be eroding. Therefore, we do everything possible to schedule appointments promptly and assure parents that the in-depth results of our findings will be available within three weeks of the testing session(s).


Parents initially meet with Dr. Risa Tabacoff or Dr. Sue Busby, director and assistant director of services respectively, in an informal information gathering session. The child’s personal history including: developmental milestones; social/emotional functioning; and temperament and behavioral development are reviewed. We also encourage parents to provide school report cards, standardized test results and previous evaluations, if available.


Most importantly, parents’ specific concerns about their children are explored so that they can be addressed as part of the upcoming evaluation. Overall, the information gained in this initial intake is used to help guide our initial process and better understand the child in the context of his or her life experience.


The Testing: Our Experience Makes All the Difference


A Little Background


DAIC provides comprehensive neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing services, using the most current, cutting edge assessment tools available and highly qualified licensed psychologists exceptionally well versed in the field of child development. We are trained to uncover impediments to learning or social adjustment that children may be experiencing.


We have well-established relationships with school systems throughout the tri-state area and are respected for our high quality reports. Our careful attention and insight is second to none and comes from years of practical experience. We appreciate the privilege we have been granted when parents entrust their child’s care to us. During the testing, our goal is to create an environment that enables the child to demonstrate his or her strengths and feel safe to reveal their struggles.


The Child’s Experience

Self Esteem Student


From the moment the child enters the office they are greeted and engaged, helping them relax and alerting them to the fact that they will be well taken care of and likely enjoy the day. Young children, ages three to seven usually come in for two or three hours over the course of two or three days. Older children or teens spend a day, just as if they were going to attend school. Though they spend the time with only one psychologist, a number of psychologists are involved with the care of each child “behind the scenes.” Our staff is comprised of clinical, school and developmental psychologists, all available to consult and review findings across the testing process.

We believe it is very important for the child to feel comfortable with the evaluator. At DAIC we have over 30 years of combined experience working with children. We have many tools and strategies at our disposal to assist in developing a nice rapport with the child. Ultimately, we want children to feel that the tasks were interesting and that the day was fun. When the day is done students leave with a small goodie bag, an acknowledgement and appreciation of their hard work.


The DAIC Difference


The DAIC testing process is unique and we have found our approach to be quite accurate and rewarding. Our rationale for testing across the day is that it is the closest approximation to a school day and gives us a window into how the child navigates his or her academic environment. This information is essential when trying to tease out what obstacles may be confronting a student’s academic or behavioral functioning. We also believe that having a team of psychologists with differing areas of expertise gives us the advantage of investigating multiple perspectives that might otherwise be missed. The wealth of information at our disposal and our thoroughness is unparalleled.


Review of Findings and Report Presentation: the Learning Profile


When the child’s report is complete, the evaluator and the director or assistant director meet with the parents and review the results in detail; the feedback often lasts one to two hours. All effort is made to help parents understand each area of the testing and questions are meticulously explained. The information is also provided in a thorough written report that includes appropriate recommendations and diagnostic impressions, if warranted.

For older students a separate time to meet and review findings is scheduled. This meeting does not include specific scores but rather provides an overview of strengths and weaknesses and an understanding of their individual learning style or profile. We want to make sure the student leaves feeling confident, reassured, and inspired to succeed.


Intervention Strategies/Follow Up: Support


Recommendations are included and assistance with connecting with service providers is available. Advocacy services such as meeting with teachers, attending meetings with the Committee on Special Education (CSE) and others are available upon request.


We pride ourselves in being a resource to parents and the community. There is nothing more important than identifying the path that will lead students to ultimate success and provide the sense of self worth we all deserve.

“Our only goal is to help children
and adults fulfill their potential.”

Psychology Center, Testing

DAIC, founded by Dr. Risa Tabacoff,
a NY State licensed psychologist
has been successfully maximizing potential in children and adults for
over 20 years.

Serving the New York City Tri-State area with offices in
Bedford Hills, NY & Greenwich, CT